Deliverables Based IT Services (DBITS)

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Ambonare was awarded a contract by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide Deliverables-Based IT Services under the DIR’s Cooperative Contracts Program. The DIR contract number Ambonare holds for DBITS is DIR-TSO-3945

How To Order

To order any services under this contract, a DIR customer needs to follow the DBITS Ordering Process as described on the DIR website. A Statement of Work (SOW) must be completed and in the form contained in Appendix C. Please contact Samuel Chen (, 512.965.8445) to assist you on completing the SOW and getting your project started.


All services provided by Ambonare are backed by a 30-day warranty. Any defects and service issues will be resolved at no cost within the warranty period.

Services Offered Under This Contract

Application Development

Ambonare offers application development services to purposely build business applications that work in the exact way you business calls for, and allow you to achieve the best efficiency as required for your business operations. Our project teams are extremely experienced in build web and mobile applications. They will work with you to capture and analyze your business requirements, architect and design the right technical solutions, develop and test the code, and deploy the completed product to your production environment. We adopt the agile software development methodology and iteratively deliver working software so that you can provide feedback early in the game. We have worked with a variety of state agencies and public entities on delivering their mission-critical applications. Please check our performance at Please contact us for your next application development project.


Technology Upgrade/Migration & Transformation

Applications were initiated and developed in an ad-hoc fashion to meet particular business needs. Over time more and more of those kind of applications were maintained and supported across the organization.


How to better support ongoing business needs at lower cost? Ambonare has successfully developed and applied its MCSR strategy for application management and transformation.


Application Maintenance & Support

Ambonare offers application maintenance and support services to ensure on-going business continuity for our customers. Application maintenance includes various activities performed during the lifecycle of an application, such as application monitoring and health check, data backup and restore, as well as minor enhancements and improvements.

For any support service to be performed, customer needs to submit a support service request to Ambonare via email and/or phone, designating the urgency of the request as High, Medium, or Low. Within the Response Time as designated for each level of urgency, Ambonare will: