Ambonare is proud to service the needs of a wide range of different industries.

Thanks to the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of our team members, it is possible for Ambonare to provide a range of services and solutions for the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas industries as well as government entities.

Key Industries and Sectors We Serve

  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail

core industries


The needs of government are diverse and evolve constantly. Ambonare takes pride in our ability to assist government at every level: local, state and federal. Updating your systems and applications and doing so in a cost effective and timely fashion is critical. It’s necessary to continuously improve data integration.

Ambonare endeavors to assist our government clients by meeting and surpassing these objectives. Regardless of whether you represent a federal, state or local government entity, realize that Ambonare is here to help you address your existing and future needs. Read more about our Contracts with State of Texas Department of Information Resources.


Manufacturing is always evolving and incorporating new technologies. This means that you need a partner who understands your software, application and IT needs and can help you respond quickly to an ever changing marketplace. Ambonare works with manufacturers to help them get the most out of technology.

Whether you need assistance with technology upgrade and migration, systems integration and consulting, mobile applications, responsive web design, business intelligence and data warehousing or a wide range of other solutions, we can help you as we have successfully assisted other manufacturers in the past.


The needs of the healthcare industry are very specific and different from other industries. There are a complex array of issues to take into account whether you are a hospital or an insurance company.

When it comes to healthcare, there are always new advancements on the horizon. It’s essential for organizations to keep up on these changes. Ambonare has detailed experiencing working with companies in the industry and we thus understand the specific needs of our healthcare clients.

Information technology and custom applications can transform how information is handled and used in the healthcare industry. We can help your healthcare organization make optimal use of all of its information and databases.

Oil and Gas

The energy industry has specific needs. Everything from fluctuating oil prices to new regulations alter the business landscape for oil and gas companies. We understand your need to be agile and have technology solutions that help you respond quickly to changing situations.

Our goal is to assist you as you chart out the optimal use technology. For example, our business intelligence solutions can help you make the most out of all of your information and databases through intuitive custom applications.

We excel in helping oil and gas companies make the most out of their existing information so they can make the best possible decisions. We can provide you with the tools that you need including mobile applications, cloud-based applications, application maintenance and support, technology upgrade and migration and much more.


Ambonare understands that information is vital for success and survival in the retail industry. Retail thrives on rapid access to quality information. Ambonare helps those in the retail industry with a very wide range of solutions. Effective applications can help you get the most out of all of your information.

Everything from Customer Service to Management Solutions

There are a wide variety of aspects to the retail industry whether you are working at a chain store or an outlet. Our company can work to improve your efficiency, and also handle everything from tracking inventory better to streamlining and improving supplier integration.

Integrating Advanced Technology

Do you want instant access to all the databases and information at your disposal? We can create custom applications that can make it happen so that you’ll be able to easily visualize everything from inventory information to personnel. You’ll be able to make faster and more accurate decisions, and that means staying one step ahead of the competition.

Technology is ever-evolving. This means that in each of these niches, there will be consistent, and often rapid, changes. Ambonare has the know-how to ensure that your organization stays not just current, but also ahead of the curve.