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AutoDev Studio is a continuous integration automation tool for containerizing your applications. It streamlines the CI process, and allows developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers and IT operations teams to collaborate on software delivery with a key focus on standardization and governance.

Benefits of AutoDev Studio

  • Reduce training and overhead costs
  • Standardize and automate your image building process
  • Create slim runtime Docker images that are ready for production
  • Enforce quality, consistency, and control in your applications

core features

Manage Applications

AutoDev Studio allows you to see all of your applications in one place. It makes it easy to share additional applications with your team.

Add Components and Build

AutoDev Studio allows you to build new components from source code, reuse components from other applications, or even download and use third party components.

Configure Application

Configure your application by specifying how the components of your application work together. Save different versions of the application.

Review and Testing

With a single click, launch any version of your application for reviewing and testing. It will deploy to any specified environment.

Promote When Ready

When your application is ready to move on to the next step, promote it to the next environment. All of the components and configuration that were set in the previous environment will become available to the next environment.