Docker Consulting

We are a Docker Authorized Consulting Partner and Premier License Reseller.

Docker Assessment Services

We can help you identify successful criteria, target use cases, identify applications, and give you a cost benefit analysis and recommendation for your organization.

Docker Implementation Services

Our Docker implementation services will include setup and configuration, host secure infrastructure, issue docker licensing, LDAP Integration, application containerization, and application modernization with microservices.

Training, Maintenance and Support

Our team can help train your organization on test automation and CI/CD with Docker Containers. We offer support on Docker Supported Engine, Trusted Registry, and Universal Control Plane via Datacenter Subscription. We also can offer support on application containerization and test automation.

Complete Solution with AutoDev Studio

Helping you get started the right way with a complete package of our Consulting Services, our container-centric DevOps product AutoDev Studio, and Docker Enterprise Edition.

Contact us today to learn more about how Ambonare can help you implement your container strategy.